Ozpinarlar Construction Group, always aiming at the best in the light of innovative approach, mutual trust, honesty and diligence principles, today has a respectable reputation and a rightful reputation in its sector with its values ​​and the projects it has gained. Ozpinarlar Construction, which analyzes and follows the developing and changing world standards and blends it with 20 years of experience, is expanding its service range every passing day, not only a new living space but also plus values ​​are added. Ozpinarlar, who owns the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate, carries out all his works with the principles of preventing environmental pollution, protecting natural resources, working health and safety. Today, Özpınarlar Construction Group, which collects the qualities of high quality and reliable luxury housing that meet all the needs of today's modern life under the same roof, will continue with the same enthusiasm and power as their assertive projects that will raise your living standards.


To design projects that add value to life and to pass these projects to life. By adopting honest work ethic as a fundamental principle, we walk forward with the power we have received from the past.


• Quality• Trust• Peace

• Customer happiness• Openness to innovation• Social responsibility awareness

• Reputation• Continuity• Timing

• Corporate identity• Being brand awareness

With the understanding that these principles require; We continue to work to build the places we live with our knowledge, accumulation, reputation, dignity, friendship, strength and experience and to bring these together with you.


Our company; In 1993, Özpınarlar Construction Tic. Kind. Ltd. Sti. has started its activities in the construction sector.With the participation of young, dynamic and well-educated individuals of our family in time, Antalya has become one of the leading companies in the sector today. All of our valuable projects, which we have been living in different districts of Antalya since our foundation, are giving us great pride. In all our projects we build; We are working to build the best quality buildings with our experienced and qualified team as soon as possible. We choose all the materials we use with great care. In our projects, we have created the control mechanism at the beginning of the work for the persons in the roof and in the roof in all kinds of works from the cleaning to the safety, from the watering of the concrete. We see ourselves as a family with the teams we work with. We have put the sense of morality and trust in the most precious place of our trading understanding and we have always been honored to mention your step with confidence. Our meetings with our members often address the importance of moral integrity and trust. From time to time, we try to contribute to the problems of our teams by taking care of their own family situations and helping them grow up as beneficial individuals for the society. All of us have become our greatest and most beautiful winners. We have been using our own resources since our foundation in all of our projects. We think you're part of it in success. Our goal is to protect our esteemed place in the sector and contribute to our country's economy by continuously improving ourselves and providing new projects and employment opportunities. As Özpınarlar Construction Group, we see ourselves together with our customers and our team under the same roof. Under this roof, we are moving forward confidently to larger targets together. Best regards Fahrettin SERTChairman of the Board of Directors


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